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Our cannabis flower inventory is carefully curated to ensure that you receive the best possible strain for your individual needs. From classic strains to new and exciting hybrids, our flower selection is sure to impress even the pickiest consumers. Discover the power of our flower today and elevate your cannabis experience like never before.

Since there are numerous strains of flower, it can be tricky to know what strain to pick. We’ve created this guide to show you everything you need to know about cannabis flower, including what it is and the many types.

What is Cannabis Flower?

Flower, also known as the bud, is part of the cannabis plant that can be cultivated for many uses and product types. Flower is versatile and remains the most popular form of cannabis products. You can enjoy flower using a pipe, bong, or roll into a blunt or joint. Additionally, you can use flower when making cannabis edibles for the ultimate experience! Flower can be made into an oil or infused into topicals and food.

It is worth noting that only female plants produce flowers, appearing only during a 6–8-week window known as the bloom stage. In general, cannabis is a plant, which means it has a distinct anatomy consisting of several segments, each of which plays a specific role in the plant’s life cycle. You can even see a grow in-person at our Guadalupe/Tempe, AZ location.

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Different Types of Marijuana Flower

Cannabis flower is classified into numerous categories since each strain meets distinct needs, provides specific advantages, and generates mixed outcomes.

These are some examples:

Indica Cannabis Flower

Due to the relatively greater CBD levels and soothing advantages, indica marijuana flower is well known for being the more calming cannabis plant. Indica cannabis flowers are shorter and bushier than the Sativa plant. The indica plants also tend to grow relatively fast and produce a high bud yield.

If you want to unwind after a busy day, indica’s CBD-heavy influences are amazing. Since there are high levels of CBD in the indica flower, it promotes sleep and relaxation.

Sativa Cannabis Flower

Sativa flower has a higher THC content than indica and hybrids. This flower yields lower than indica and grows better at higher temperatures.

Sativa strains are often associated with more cerebral and uplifting effects that can promote creativity and focus.

With sativa, research has shown a boost in serotonin, which regulates learning, mood, sleep, stress feelings, and appetite.

Still, the impact can vary widely depending on the individual and other factors. Check out our selection of sativa flower from our locations to assist you with your creative endeavors, focus, and productivity.

Hybrid Cannabis Flower

Hybrid strains are looked for by people who want to feel relaxed and energized. Hybrids are a cross between indica and sativa qualities with varying influences. Furthermore, hybrids are pest-resistant and typically produce excellent yields. Since hybrid flowers have a range of genes, they lack a distinct leaf form, height, or other qualities. Notably, flowering time for hybrid strains is usually around 6 to 10 weeks.

Cannabis Flower Considerations

As mentioned, cannabis’s unique and intricate formations stand out in its flowers.

Here are some of the vital cannabis flower anatomies that you should know:

  • Cannabinoids: THC and CBD are two primary cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids include CBC, CBN, and CBG. THC and CBD affect users by activating particular receptors throughout the nervous system.
  • Trichomes: These are crystals that can be seen on blossoming tops. Trichomes determine the strength of a cannabis strain since they are high in THC. They have varying colors and sizes based on the strain and phase of their growth cycle. Generally, trichomes signify when a plant has reached full maturity and is ready to be harvested.
  • Terpenes are organic fragrances found in blossoming plant oils like cannabis. Terpenes are what distinguish one strain’s aroma or flavor from another. As terpenes and cannabinoids interact, they produce an ‘entourage’ impact that enhances the cannabis plant’s favorable properties.

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There are various strains of flower, and finding a flavor that suits your needs may be challenging. We’ve put together a guide to assist you in finding the most significant flower on the market. So, you don’t have to struggle to find your desired strain because Mint Cannabis offers sativa, hybrid, and indica strains tailored to each person’s unique preferences. We look forward to seeing you at any of our store locations or subscribe to learn more about our daily deals. Our budtenders will help you select exactly what you want for a superb cannabis experience!