Around the Clock Pot

In October, Mint Cannabis made more weed history in Arizona. That’s when their flagship location in Guadalupe began staying open 24 hours a day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. When midnight arrived, a bullhorn sounded, the staff opened the glass doors to the store, and the first 20 patrons were rushed into the 12,000-square-foot dispensary, which is the largest in the state. They were greeted with a DJ, contortionist, food, and plenty of swag. The moment was not only a game changer for Mint, but for cannabis consumers.

Parties Across the Valley

You might think catching a cannabis vibe is a sedate experience. You’re only partially correct. It’s also an outdoors thing with thousands of your closest cannabuds. Across the Valley, and even stretching to Sedona, festivals celebrate weed all year long. The weed-tastic fun includes the new kid on the block, Buds-A-Palooza in April, as well as the Errl Cup, which has been happening since 2015. Food trucks and free weed? Mangia Ganja has that covered as the first cannabis-consumption-friendly food truck festival in Arizona. In May, some 7,500 flocked to the Phoenix Cannabis Awards Music Festival, which awarded trophies and plaudits across 56 categories. And Cannaval brought some music and a cannabis vendor expo to the west Valley. (SOURCE)