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4/20 is almost here!

For cannabis enthusiasts around the world, April 20th is a day to celebrate all things green and embrace the joys of this magnificent plant. From smoking with friends to trying out new strains, there are countless ways to mark this special occasion. At Mint Cannabis, we’re always excited to share our knowledge and expertise with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Our retail stores in Michigan and Arizona offer the finest cannabis products that are sure to take your 420 holiday to the next level. So join us as we explore the best ways to celebrate 4/20 and make this year’s festivities unforgettable! alt=”HTML tutorial”

What is 420?

April 20th, also known as 420 in the cannabis community nationwide, is a holiday where cannabis enthusiasts celebrate various marijuana products. Although there have been many ideas about its origin, most people believe the holiday originated in San Rafael, a town in California. The story goes, a group of five high school athletes learned about a hidden cannabis farm in the woods close to their school in 1971. They met up to look for the plants every day at 4:20 PM – they never found it but it became a good time for them to smoke anyway. The term 420 was used by the group, allowing the high schoolers to discuss smoking pot without their parents or teachers knowing. Later, the time became a universal code that it was time to enjoy cannabis.

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Best Ways to Celebrate 420 Responsibly

How to celebrate 420 responsibly actually varies on the individual consumer, from enjoying a preroll to enjoying a dab and everything in between. For some, it can be about looking up the best weed deals in your area. Some people may go out, others may enjoy cannabis products at home.

Get Outside and Touch Some Grass

Getting in touch with nature is a good idea for a joyful 420. Since April often offers warmer weather nationwide, it’s no surprise that many people choose to celebrate outside.

Combining cannabis with the great outdoors is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful and grounding ways to celebrate 420. Have a gardening green thumb? Get your hands in some dirt and craft your backyard garden, and consider applying cannabis topicals on your hands and back to get you through a relaxing gardening session. For this year’s 420, consider participating in outdoor activities like hiking (or casually wandering through nature), or exploring your local parks, but you must remember that you cannot smoke marijuana in most public spaces.

Take Advantage of the Great, Cozy Indoors

To have a chill 420, you’ll likely see people disconnecting from alerts and relaxing at home. There are so many ways to enjoy this holiday at home, such as reading new books and magazines about cannabis, inviting friends over to play board games, or simply curling up with some cannabis-infused tea. It’s also a perfect time to try a cannabis-infused pizza!

Catch a Flick

One of the best ways to celebrate 420 will always be to enjoy your favorite cannabis products and watch classic cannabis-based movies from your couch, bed, or local movie theater (only if you can secure a designated driver). A wealth of cannabis connoisseur knowledge is available online, ranging from the Cheech and Chong movie series to The Big Lebowski. Classic television episodes such as Broad City, which follows two New Yorkers as they learn about life, love, and maturity while enjoying the relaxing outcomes of cannabis, are also available. Netflix and chill is very chill with a preroll and your partner. Grab a STIIIZY pre-roll or three!

Skip the Munchies for Something More Grown-Up

It’s no secret that cannabis consumption can often lead to an insatiable craving for snacks and junk food. But why settle for a bag of chips or a candy bar when you can indulge in something truly gourmet?

At The Mint Cafe in Tempe, AZ, we specialize in creating delicious, cannabis-infused dishes that will satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling satisfied. From classic (cannabis-infused) buffalo wings to our signature “Weed Pizza” and street tacos, our menu features a wide range of mouthwatering options with THC concentrations ranging from 25-mg to 100-mg per dish. So why not skip the munchies this 4/20 and treat yourself to something more grown-up? Come visit us at The Mint Cafe and elevate your cannabis experience to a whole new level

Embrace the Night and Stargaze in Style

As 4/20 approaches, many cannabis enthusiasts look forward to indulging in the age-old tradition of stargazing while high. There’s something truly magical about the way cannabis enhances our appreciation for the beauty of the night sky. With a little bit of planning and your favorite cannabis vape, you can make your stargazing experience even more unforgettable this holiday. Find a clear, dark spot free of light pollution, whether you simply lay back and gaze up at the stars or venture out into the star-studded desert. If you really want to take your stargazing to the next level, consider investing in a hobbyist telescope.

Get Together and Create Something

Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate 4/20 this year? Why not gather some friends (or fly solo) and spend the day making something amazing while smoking your favorite flower? There’s nothing quite like the rush of creativity that comes with consuming cannabis, and there are so many different activities you can explore. Try your hand at drawing or painting, or experiment with collage or mixed media. Or, if you’re feeling particularly inspired, why not try your hand at writing or poetry? The possibilities are endless, and the end result is sure to be something truly unique and special. So grab some friends, find a safe and comfortable space, and let your imagination run wild this 4/20!

420 Cannabis Deals

As 420 approaches, we are offering great deals on cannabis products. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or just starting, you’ll discover more products that may suit your needs.

Celebrate 420 with the Best Cannabis Flower

Celebrate 420 with the best cannabis flower from Mint Cannabis! Our premium flower selection is sourced from the finest growers in Arizona and Michigan, so you can enjoy the highest quality buds this holiday.

Don’t Forget the Edibles

Don’t forget the edibles this 420! Mint Cannabis offers a delicious range of cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, baked goods, drinks, and hard candy to satisfy your sweet tooth and elevate your holiday celebrations.

Don’t Concentrate Too Hard on 420

Let your mind and stresses go this 420. Mint Cannabis wants to help you elevate your holiday with our premium selection of cannabis concentrates, including shatter, wax, budder, and more. Trust us to deliver the ultimate high for your celebrations.

It’s Always 4/20 at The Mint Cannabis!

For all you cannabis lovers out there, 420 is more than just a day to light up and chill out. It’s a time to think about how far we’ve come in terms of legalizing cannabis, and how much farther we still have to go. At Mint Cannabis, we’re all about serving up the best products with a smile.

Whether it’s 420 or any other day of the year, you can count on us to provide you with top-quality cannabis and exceptional service. Swing by our locations in Arizona and Michigan, and be sure to subscribe for our daily cannabis dealsyou won’t be disappointed!

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